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ToughGuy UK  2008  (Wolverhampton, England)

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This event was a ton of fun -- if anyone's interested in running it in 2009 -- count me in !!  

The also do a summer version (minus the cold water) for wimps where you just do the obstacle course twice.

Little English kid went nuts writing my number -- glasses and skunk paint included for free


I was just a "Wisitor" -- overseas entries got a semi-front start luckily !


Did NOT camp out -- it was a balmy 37 degrees at 8 am that morning



The dreaded "Jelly Fish" nets -- electrically charged wires hanging down. I got hit once, almost knocked me flat on my back !




"Fire Pits" -- poured oil on hay bales and lit them up -- had to run through a maze of these.


The first of the 27 freezing stream crossings -- after about 5 the lower body went numb.


Note the firehose treatment on the water slide -- add cold spray to fuel the hypothermia :-)



Underwater Tunnels -- not a big deal on a warm day, but add mid-winter freezing water and the level of difficulty goes up a bit -- took your breath away, shrunk your head (among other things), and sent some guys into shock.




After the first few thousand people went thru the course, it was a bit hard to stand up at times


One last chance at exhaustion -- 10 - 4ft concrete barrels to hop over.



Complimentary thermal blankets to fend off the impending Hypothermia.

Race report of this Sadistic event below  --

The Country Miles -- ~4 miles of running up and down hills, over weeds, bushes, and some blackberry bushes that grabbed every once in awhile

The Slalom -- Ran up a steep hill, then proceeded to zig zag up and down 7 more times -- I was ready to go back and kick the sadistic SOB's arse who came up with this part.  This was the toughest part of the race for me, and nobody was running uphill after the 3rd time up ... Holy sheepshit was that hard !

Hay Bales & Low Nets -- This was a mile section where you would cross the cold stream, jump over 4-5 foot round haybales, then immediately under 50 feet or so of netting strung 3-4 feet off the ground.  Doesn't sound too hard right -- except that the net was just low enough to make you bend over and crouch while running, so it burned your back and quads at the same time -- and the trivial fact that there was about 10 of these SOB's ...

Jungle Obstacles - Run through bushes and more stream crossings anywhere from waist to chest deep for another mile

Tiger & High Leopard - Big sloping nets -- climbed up 30 feet, then back down 30 feet, successively.

Finally after the above 6 miles you were onto "The Killing Fields" where the spectators got to laugh at your pain ...

Colditz Walls -- 8-15 foot walls that got successively higher, I believe there were about 8 of these, but lost count after awhile

The Behemoth -- Giant inverted V made of logs about 3-4 feet apart -- you climb up logs, then tightrope down a sloping rope -- saw one guy fall about 15 feet onto his back on tires -- he wasn't moving when we ran by, he may get a refund.

JellyFish Pits -- In between the inverted V obstacles above was a 30 foot section of hanging wires that were charged up (they said enough to stop 2 full size bulls).  So I'm running through this wet, and managed to miss all but one wire -- it zapped like sticking your finger into a light socket and I immediately got rigormortis and screamed out like a little girl -- freaking hurt !!

Fiery Holes -- After another chest deep freezing river crossing, we ran through piles of Hay set on fire with oil ... a little singing hair, but we were wet, so no major burns -- not as bad as it sounds, mainly for looks and trying to choke you with thick black smoke midway thru the run.

Tyre Crawl -- Tunnels made of old truck tires -- couldn't crawl through them, had to drag yourself thru on forearms and shins -- conducive to cuts on the cold hard rubber.

Dead Leg Swamp -- mud got thicker and blacker on this part -- I'm pretty sure by the smell due to horse and sheep manure.  I was able to keep both shoes on my feet, although my buddy lost one and had it stepped on by the runner behind him -- ouch.

VietCong Tunnels -- Very small concrete pipes laid out in a V so you couldn't any light until shortly before the end  -- I picked the wrong one and got to slither slowly behind some fat guy that could have used a good greasing down with Crisco.  Dumped you out into the freezing stream headfirst.

Sky Walk & Paradise Climb -- Pick your poison -- either walk the plank 4 stories up or crawl over nets -- at the end you had to tightrope down the line over a lake for about 50 yards -- I made it about halfway before falling about 20+ feet into the lake.  Woke me up.

Splosh Pools -- These were totally black due to cow/horse/sheep dung ... There was a floating hay bale in the middle of one that I managed to vault the dung pool on -- BONUS.

Water Tunnels & Caverns -- After walking thru chest deep freezing water for about 50-60 yards, you got the pleasure of ducking under the water to avoid logs on top -- there were 4 duck unders, I brought a scuba cap and still was disoriented after the 2nd tunnel -- not as bad as I had imagined, but the swim to the side (couldn't touch the bottom) was tough when mild hypothermia was threatening.  At this point, I seriously thought I would lose an appendage as it felt like someone had duck taped a bag of ice to "little BK" ... almost had to stop to empty out my neoprene shorts.

Brandenberg Wall -- 40-50 foot climb up nets straight up, down the other side.

Death Plunge (aka. Walk the Plank) -- Climb up a 25 foot platform, then walk out on a long springboard to jump into the lake -- couldn't touch the bottom and was about a 20-30 yard swim to the edge ... I did a half gainer for style points.

Jesus Bridge -- Floating Barrels over a lake strapped together with small sticks ... If your balance was good, you breezed right thru these -- if not, they hurt as quite a few folks fell thru and off the sides into the lake.  Divers were in all the water stops to drag you out if you were in danger of drowning or froze up ....

Another mile of running and stream crossings.
Tyre Torture -- Ran through a narrow path with old tires scatterred everywhere, pretty tough running when you're wiped out.

Anaconda -- 4 foot concrete tubes that you had to vault over -- ordinarily wouldn't have been bad, but tough getting energy to jump that high after 8 miles of obstacles .... there were about 8 of these.

Viagra Falls -- Climb up a 40 foot hill, then slide down a rubber slide into the last of the lakes while getting shot with a firehose.

FINISH LINE  -- Tim and I both finished tied for 555 (out of 2900) at 1 hour 31 minutes ......  Great Fun !!

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